I have heard so many people say “I would love to be a veterinary technician!” Well… I love animals too but you have to have a lot of something to do this job. I don’t mind cleaning up poop and vomit, I don’t mind getting bit, scratched or growled at and I don’t mind the long days on my feet and the emotional and physical stress.

The best days are everyday, when you send a patient home happy and wagging his tail or purring. The best days are when you and your team save the life of a patient that didn’t seem like he was going to make it. Those are the days you go home with a smile!

The worst days are the ones where you work with a patient non stop doing everything you can, looking at every angle to find out what is wrong with him and how to save him. You’re screaming in your head “I wish you could just tell us what hurts, what you did, what you ate, who hurt you, why won’t you get better?!” But he can’t, and you get angry because you have become attached. You know what is going to happen and there is nothing more you can do except pray and hope for the best. You try to comfort him and his owners but you can’t help but think the worst.

Those are the days that are the worst. Those are the days you get angry, stressed to the max, and sick to your stomach. Those are the days you take your work home with you, you cry, you get headaches and you hug your pets and tell yourself how lucky you are to have them no matter how short a time it’s for.

You have to have a lot of something to do this job. Every scar, every bruise, every smell, every tear and every day is worth every moment.

Francis Frei
Veterinary Technician
Alta Sierra Veterinary Hospital