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Small Animal Nutrition

There are a lot of pet foods on the shelves today; it makes it very hard to know which one is best. Especially when you’re hearing from your next door neighbor’s best friend’s cousin’s mom some very untrue pet food garble. There is also so much on those pet food labels, how are you supposed […]

Allergies In Pets

Did you know pets are just as prone to allergies as humans? There are five known types of allergies in pets: contact, flea, food, bacterial, and inhalant. Allergies have many signs and symptoms and trying to pinpoint exactly what your pet is suffering from can sometimes be trial and error. There are three ways in […]

Financial Preparedness For Your Pet

Many of you ask the question… “Can I get health insurance for my pet?” Yes you can! But be aware that they will not pay your veterinary bill at the time services are rendered. Pet health plans require you to pay your bill in full when your pet receives treatment and will reimburse you a […]

Did You Know? A Thing or Two About Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are also called cavies Rabbits are in heat every 3 days and only take 32 days to have their babies (called kits). Rabbits and guinea pigs can be spayed & neutered Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C and must be supplemented and also be fed a good quality pellet specifically for […]

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